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    帮助作文|帮助 英语作文
    作者:佚名 发布时间:2020-09-20 14:20
    帮助是什么?爸爸说:帮助是一种爱。”我又问,帮助在哪里?爸爸笑着说:帮助在我们的生活中小学作文假如我会变,你只要仔细观察,就能发现它。”What is help? Dad said, "help is a kind of love." I asked again, where is the help? Dad smiled and said, "help in our life, you only need to observe carefully, you can find it."上学的路上,我看见一个小孩骑着自行车,一不小心摔倒了。路边的一位叔叔赶紧把她扶起来……上课的时候,我的同桌--熊天浩忘记带铅笔了分类作文,我连忙从文具盒里拿出一只铅笔给他,他说:谢谢你。”我开心极了。On the way to school, I saw a child riding a bicycle, accidentally fell down. An uncle on the side of the road quickly picked her up In class, my deskmate, Xiong Tianhao, forgot to bring a pencil. I quickly took a pencil out of the pencil box and gave it to him. He said, "thank you." I\m so happy.哦,我终于知道帮助是什么了,帮助就是人和人之间的一种爱小学作文假如我会变,这种爱真快乐,因为有了这种爱,我们这个世界才更美好了!Oh, I finally know what help is. Help is a kind of love between people. This kind of love is really happy, because with this kind of love, our world will be better!
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