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  • 快乐学英语作文|快乐学英语 英语作文
    作者:佚名 发布时间:2020-09-26 19:10
    今天,我和妈妈走在上学路上。我们一会儿唱英语歌关于端午的作文,一会儿说英语歌谣,一会儿又猜英语谜语,特别好玩关于端午的作文,我还能和妈妈用英语简单地对话。上次高中作文,我和好朋友一起上台表演英语小话剧,我一点也不害怕。办公室的老师们都夸我们做得好。Today, my mother and I are on our way to school. We sing English songs, speak English songs and guess English riddles. It\s very interesting. I can also talk with my mother in English. Last time, I went on stage with my good friends to perform English plays. I was not afraid at all. The teachers in the office all praised us for our good work.有一关于端午的作文,我在电视上看见一个小孩子每天对着镜子练习说几句英语。我也要向他学习。Once, I saw a child on TV practicing speaking English in front of a mirror every day. I also want to learn from him.只要大家努力,英语学习其实也不难。As long as everyone works hard, English learning is not diffi
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