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  • 小羊跟着爷爷去串门作文|小羊跟着爷爷去串门 英语作文
    作者:佚名 发布时间:2020-09-28 19:10
    春天到了,小草变得那么茂盛,五颜六色的小花是那么美丽!羊爷爷带着羊宝宝一起去串门。小羊说:爷爷,我们去哪里串门啊?”羊爷爷说:孩子作文500字,咱们今天要去我的一个老朋友家,它们家有个孙子叫弗洛特,它比你大两岁,你要叫它哥哥。”When spring comes, the grass becomes so lush and the colorful flowers are so beautiful! Grandpa sheep and baby sheep go to visit the door together. "Grandpa," said the lamb, "where shall we visit?" Grandpa sheep said, "son, we are going to an old friend\s house today. They have a grandson named flott. He is two years older than you. You need to call him brother."到弗洛特家,爷爷跟弗洛特爷爷聊天高中作文作文500字,小羊就跟弗洛特玩耍。它们来到一块空地上,一会儿玩球,一会儿翻跟头,它们玩得可高兴了!When we went to the flott\s house, Grandpa talked to Grandpa flott, and the lamb played with him. They come to a clearing, play ball and somersault for a while. They have a good time!天已经很晚了,小羊跟着羊爷爷依依不舍的回家了。It was very late, and the lamb went home reluctantly with Grand
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