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    春天的脚步作文|春天的脚步 英语作文
    作者:佚名 发布时间:2020-09-30 19:10
    冬天过去了,春天的脚步悄悄地向我们走来。来到田野上、来到山冈上、来到小河边、来到校园里、来到我的身边…Winter has passed, and the steps of spring come to us quietly. Come to the fields, to the hills, to the river, to the campus, to my side你看写作文,山冈上的小草才刚刚从土里露出一个个小脑袋写作文,它们嫩生生小学作文写作文,绿油油的。肥胖的小叶儿,像一个个刚刚睡醒的胖娃娃。小河边的柳树垂着又细又长的枝条,像个害羞的小姑娘,在春风里翩翩起舞。田野上,一望无边的油菜花,金黄色的,漂亮极了。校园里,小朋友们在温暖的阳光下跑来跑去、跳来跳去,快乐地玩耍。You see, the grass on the hill has just emerged from the earth with small heads. They are tender and green. Fat little leaves are like fat dolls just waking up. Willows by the river hang thin and long branches, like a shy little girl, dancing in the spring breeze. In the field, there are endless rape flowers. They are golden and beautiful. On campus, children run, jump and play happily in the warm sunshine.春天的脚步来了,万物复苏,到处是一片生机勃勃的景象。Spring is coming, everything is reviving, and there is a lively scene every
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