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  • 我的减肥计划作文|我的减肥计划 英语作文
    作者:佚名 发布时间:2020-10-02 19:11
    可能是跟遗传有关吧初中作文,我们家几代都有胖子,最胖的是我奶奶,接着是我爸爸,现在就算我了,听妈妈说我生下来就胖乎乎的,非常可爱,随着我渐渐长大。我的体形还是比较胖。我自认为很苗条。可是每当亲朋好友见到我。第一句话总是说你又长胖了”,听了我总是不好意思的脸红。Maybe it\s related to genetics. There are fat people in our family for several generations. The fattest one is my grandma, followed by my father. Now even if I am, I\m born fat and very cute. As I grow up. I\m still fat. I think I\m slim. But every time my family and friends see me. The first sentence always says "you\re getting fat again". I always blush embarrassed after listening.于是从现在开始。我给自己制定一个减肥计划。So from now on. I make a weight-loss plan for myself.第一是要早睡早起,坚决不睡懒觉善意的谎言作文,早上从6:30改到6:00起床善意的谎言作文,起床后到楼下去跳跳绳或转转呼啦圈,每天早上坚持锻炼20-30分钟,锻炼好就开始洗漱吃早饭去上学。第二少吃零食,像什么薯片,可乐,特别是一些甜的零食,全部杜绝善意的谎言作文,只吃一些水果和牛奶的零食,吃饭也尽量的控制一些含脂肪较多的荤菜,多吃一些蔬菜和汤类。The first is to go to bed early and get up early, and never sleep late. In the morning, change from 6:30 to 6:00. After getting up, jump rope or turn hula hoop downstairs. Every morning, keep exercising for 20-30 minutes. After exercising, start washing and eating breakfast to go to school. Second, eat less snacks, such as potato chips, cola, especially some sweet snacks, all of which are completely eliminated. Only eat some fruits and milk snacks, and try to control some meat dishes with more fat, and eat more vegetables and soup.我向妈妈许下诺言和保证。一定把我的减肥计划进行到底。I made a promise and promise to my mother. Make sure to carry out my weight-loss plan to the end
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