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    可爱的小乌龟作文|可爱的小乌龟 英语作文
    作者:佚名 发布时间:2020-10-15 19:10
    我养的小乌龟全身是花纹,头很像小导弹”,眼睛像小珍珠一样明亮,鼻孔小小的,嘴巴弯弯的。My little turtle is full of patterns. Its head is like a small "missile". Its eyes are as bright as pearls. Its nostrils are small and its mouth is curved.它走路时,后腿一蹬,就往前走了一大步。吃东西时,头往前一伸,嘴巴张开,吃掉食物英语四级作文,就把头迅速地缩回来。When he walked, he took a big step forward as soon as he stepped on his hind leg. When eating, stretch your head forward, open your mouth, eat the food, and quickly retract your head.有一天,我把乌龟放出来玩,一不留神,它就跑掉了英语四级作文,乌龟一跑掉小学作文,我很担心,因为我喜欢小乌龟。我找了很久,终于找到了,是躲在沙发底下。我想如果乌龟玩累了自己会出来,那就更好了!One day, I put the tortoise out to play. When I didn\t pay attention, it ran away. As soon as the tortoise ran away, I was worried because I like the little tortoise. I looked for a long time, and finally found it, hiding under the sofa. I think if the tortoise is tired and will come out, it will be better!我爱我的小乌龟!I love my little turtle!
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